A cookie is a file that is placed in your terminal when you access certain webpages. Cookies allow a webpage to store and retrieve, among other things, information on the browsing habits of a user or its terminal and, depending on the information contained therein and the way in which you use your terminal, they can be applied to recognize the user.

No information will be recorded beside0073 the number of visits, town where the IP address accessing the website is registered, number of new users, frequency and recurrence of visits, length of visit and browser and operator or terminal type used for the visit. Under no circumstances will details of the user´s name, surname or postal address from which the connection has been made be stored.

The only cookie used by this website is known as PHPSESSID, which the encryption language PHP uses to store the log-in settings on the web server. This cookie is essential for the correct working of the website and is removed when the user logs out.

The User may enable, block or eliminate the cookies installed in its terminal through the browser options installed in his or her terminal. Below you will find information on how to manage or disable cookies on the main browsers:

Disabling some cookies may limit or hinder the use of the website or its services