ENVIROSOIL uses the most advanced techniques for landfill waterproofing and lining.

As well as for tipping sites, tailings impoundments, leachate slumps, sludge dams and safe deposits of all types of waste.
We also offer our clients all our expertise in landfill building and maintenance works.
And in the installation of biogas and leachate collection systems, flares, maintenance, monitoring, control, repairs and environmental follow-up.

From the date the Directive 2006/12/EC on waste was published and it was gradually introduced into legislation of the EU member states, new technologies have been developed for waste deposit in landfills. These aim to guarantee protection of the environment and human health, minimising the risk of soil and groundwater contamination and preventing the emission of landfill gas.

ENVIROSOIL,specialises in service and building works for landfills, tailings impoundments and safe deposit of waste. It has extensive experience in:

  • Site evaluation and environmental impact assessment for landfill location.
  • Drafting building projects
  • Implementing building works and construction of landfill tipping faces, tipping sites and dams.
  • Earthworks: digging and backfilling.
  • Waterproof basal lining using geological and geosynthetic liners.
  • Biogas collection, treatment and utilisation.
  • Supply and installation of biogas flares.
  • Leachate re-injection systems.
  • End capping and closure.
  • Maintenance, monitoring and repairs.
  • Environmental auditing and control.

ENVIROSOIL we offer our clients our vast experience in the use of geosynthetic materials (geocomposites), with the widest range of solutions in cooperation with our large network of suppliers-manufacturers. ENVIROSOIL can provide solutions using the following geocomposites:

  • Waterproof polymeric geomembranes:
    • High-density polyethylene (HDPE).
    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
    • Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM).
    • Polypropylene (PP).
  • Polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET), used as a filter or for puncture protection
  • Drainage geocomposites, made of a HDPE or PP draining core, protected by PP geotextile in one or both sides.
  • Traction resistant geogrids, from 20 kN/m to 1,000 kN/m.
  • Geocells.
  • Erosion resistant coating.
  • Leak detection systems for security drainage.