Expert management and control of water in underground building and infrastructure works below the water table are essential for a project’s success. This is the reason why we at ENVIROSOIL provide our clients with solutions tailored to each project’s specific conditions and characteristics.

The effectiveness of the drainage solutions provided by ENVIROSOIL is based on our expert assessment of the hydrogeological situation to use the right technology for the problem and the project’s timespan. We have the technical ability and the means needed to assess and implement hydraulic works:

  • Detailed hydrogeological assessment.
  • Gauging.
  • Computer simulations of subsurface flow.
  • Groundwater catchment systems for water supply.
  • Land stress relief systems.
  • Assessment and control of leaks both on the ground and in retention structures, such as slopes, dam walls, ponds, waste storage facilities, wall contained areas, etc.
  • Stability analysis of ground and earth or waste retention structures, such as dams, slopes and embankments.
  • Water table lowering (dewatering): assessment, planning, implementation, maintenance and decommission.
  • We can also assess subsurface water resources and reserves and their management.