The subsoil may well be one of the most complex natural resources to work with: it contains air, water, minerals and bacteria that produce a huge number of difficult to predict physical, chemical and biological reactions. All that in an environment that is really hard to get to.

But, maybe, that’s just what makes it so attractive to us.

Each one of us is attracted to it by a different aspect: environmental, hydrogeological, structural, geological, etc. It is precisely that combination of outlooks, together with the passion that drives us, what makes Envirosoil’s team unique.

That, and our history:

Envirosoil, a company born in the midst of a crisis, on a bicycle

It may sound odd, but that’s what happened. In 2013, the company where my partners and I had been working for many years closed its doors.

Things like this make you think a lot.

That same day, when we were told it was over, I rode my bike, but didn’t go home. I got lost wandering the streets of Madrid. That’s when the idea came to me. At the time, I didn’t believe it would grow to be more than wishful thinking. But I reflected upon it, full of curiosity and with a hint of hope.

We had the expertise, we knew the clients, we could work together…rather, we were a team! Why not? Why not venture ourselves?

The following day, I presented the idea to my workmates. I thought they wouldn’t even consider it. But I was wrong.

They agreed! And that did indeed set many things in motion.

My friends and workmates became my business partners.

Envirosoil was born. An engineering company (should I say a team?) as passionate about its project today as the first day.

We, at Envirosoil, work hard to offer the most efficient solutions. Only that will allow us to become the reference in the sector, as we imagined one day that we would be:

a company that improves the quality of life of our clients and team members, while making a positive contribution to an environmentally sustainable development.

Our shared values are the compass that guides us every day:
  • Passion: we love what we do! We strive every day to offer better services and we are committed to all the projects that we carry out. Life is too short to do something we do not love!
  • Customer service: what we do, we do it for our clients.
  • Responsibility: we are socially and environmentally responsible to our partners, employees, suppliers, service providers and clients..

Behind all the calculations, spreadsheets and maps in our daily work, there’s a factor that goes beyond the numbers but is equally important. Find below our pillars and cornerstones:





Now you know us a little bit better. We are a relatable engineering company, responsible yet passionate.

Should we work together?